RE: INFRA – Infrastructure, Utilities & Environment magazine, no. 5 | Winter Edition 2020 – Infrastructure beyond

*A material coordinated by Anca Albulescu, Partner

In our previous INFRA brochure, we asked ourselves what makes us better than robots. Our answer was: human interconnectivity.

The topic is vast and brings new challenges as days go by. Talking about human interconnectivity, Romania is most likely to be one of the first EU countries to implement the 5G technology. This is the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity, which promises to grant a much faster upload and download speeds, much broader coverage and more stable connections. 5G technology is mainly about more efficient use of the radio spectrum and allowing more devices to access the same mobile internet at the same time. Just imagine a swarm of drones cooperating to carry out a search and rescue mission, which can fire warning fires and monitor traffic, all communicating wirelessly with one another and the base through 5G networks.

Moreover, we face a new concept: Infrastructure as a Service. Intriguing that only now infrastructure has started to be conceived as a service. It may be a service model that delivers computer infrastructure on an outsourced basis in the form of hardware, networking, and storage services to support business operations. Finally, we understand that it’s not only about the hardware, but also, again, about interconnectivity.

You can get a glimpse of all the above, but also read about hard facts of our day-to-day reality, such as de land book registration of construction erected without building permit and amendments of public procurement contracts… just turn the page and have a good reading!

The magazine can be downloaded in PDF format from this link.